2017 Conference Speakers Presentations

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Partnerships with Purpose: Housing for Texans

Thank you for joining us at the Hilton Fort Worth!


TALHFA depends on the generosity of its supporters to offer the highest quality programs and amenities.    At the same time, conference support serves as a way to reach out to fellow partners and potential clients in the local housing finance community - making this the perfect partnership!

Besides the fame & notoriety ... There are several tangible benefits that come with being a Conference Supporter.  Depending on the level of support, you will receive some, or all, of these perks:  Free Conference Registrations, Booth Space, Website Recognition, with links, Program full-color Ads, and Signage at the conference.

If your organization is interested in 2018 support opportunities, contact Jeanne Talerico at Jeanne@TALHFA.org.

Thank You to all Conference Attendees!                                           Be inspired by Partnerships with Purpose!

We appreciate the time and energy invested by those of you who joined TALHFA during our 25th Annual Educational conference for 3 days of discussions, information, and inspiration. The affordable housing industry in Texas is constantly changing. Conference attendees, supporters and speakers took a step towards a solution by discussing successful tools, strategies, experiences and partnerships. TALHFA staff would like to thank you personally for attending!

We also want to thank the industry professionals who shared strategies, tools and information on how Fort Worth and other Texas communities have made a difference in the lives of their citizens.

Many of you have asked for the conference presentations.  As we receive the presentations, we will post a link on this page.  See below!

Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies

2017 Conference Photos 

Shima Hamidi, University of Texas Arlington

"Does Location Matter?"

*large file, please allow time to load

Avis Chaisson, Fort Worth HFC
"Renaissance Heights A Purpose Built Community"

"Serving the Missing Middle"


"Tour of Terrell Heights & Renaissance Heights Neighborhoods"