NALHFA’s 2017 Tax Reform Resource Page

Includes links to:

  • Tax Reform Talking Points
  • Private Activity Tax Exempt Bonds One-Pager
  • Social Media Guide
  • House Ways and Means Committee Member Template Letter
  • House Ways and Means Committee Member Contact Information
  • Senate Finance Committee Member Contact Information
  • Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) Letter Signed by NALHFA
  • The Full Bill and Summary Documents

2017 Tax Reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

YOU must get involved today!

Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies

The  "Tax Cuts & Jobs Act" is the most important legislative activity impacting affordable housing  in decades.  This page has been set up so you can track the House & Senate versions as they move through their committees and on the respective chambers.

We must ALL participate in the effort to maintain the critical programs and resources we have at this time.  They are at risk in the Tax Reform proposals. The  proposals can eliminate Private Activity Bonds -removing our ability to fund multi-family properties and  single-family home ownership programs, including Mortgage Credit Certificates and bond programs.  Tax credits are not being cut at this time - but the lack of 4% PABS will cut up to 50% of the of the production of affordable rental housing.  However, if the Corporate Tax Rate reduction remains in the bill, it will effectively kill the market for tax credits.

YOU must be involved!!  You all need to ask for the amendments which would improve the access to housing resources in their respective legislation.

NALHFA and many other National associations are tracking & commenting on a daily basis.  I will share those updates with you on this page.  Links to templates to respond to your Senators & House members will be made available for you to use.  A sample of a one-page info sheet for a city or county has been included so you can create one for your area. PLEASE USE THEM!!  YOUR VOICE & YOUR LOCAL EXPERIENCES CAN BE THE KEY TO IMPROVEMENTS.

On this page, there are links to contact lists for Members of  the House Ways & Means Committee & another for the members of the Senate Finance Committee. ALL CORRESPONDENCE  should be sent to Senator John Cornyn's office. Senator Cornyn serves on the Senate Finance Committee & should be informed of any issues in Texas.

PLEASE follow these various links to the statements and advocacy pages for NALHFA and others.