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Updated Jan 18, 2019. Additional categories will be added as new bills are filed.

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Texas Senate
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Texas House of Representatives

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The 86th Texas Legislature is NOW in session.  TALHFA members stay up to date on what is happening during the Legislative Session by receiving frequent updates with links, resources, information and news related to any affordable housing issues.

During the session, we will monitor legislation filed and Committee Hearings. We'll familiarize the Capitol offices on our position on various bills. We'll also discuss the housing opportunities available in their districts and how the proposed legislation will impact their districts.

If a  TALHFA member is visiting Austin and would like to meet with an office briefly on an issue, we'll be happy to set up an appointment with your elected official or the appropriate staff member. Notify Jeanne Talerico with the details. TALHFA members need to continue building relationships with your city, county & state officials. Let us help!

Legislation to Watch
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NOTE: All Bills are in FILED status.

House Committees have not yet been appointed. Bills will be assigned to the appropriate Committees when established.

Texas Senate and House Committees

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