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The 85th Texas Legislature has now ended!

As you all know, the Governor will most likely call for a “Special Session” to complete some unfinished business.  Unlike a regular session, when he “calls” the Special Session he will designate exactly what can be considered during the session.  Each special session can last up to 30 days, but usually they get the issues resolved more quickly.  No housing issues are expected to be included!

These nine bills are the only housing-related survivors.  The Governor has signed some & others are being sent to him.  Bills can be totally transformed during the process.  Be sure you are reading the LAST & FINAL version of the bill to get accurate information.

Whether we are in session or not TALHFA members need to continue building relationships with your city, county & state officials.  Let us help!

Legislation to Watch

The 9 remaining bills include some that have been signed by the Governor and others that have been sent to Governor Abbott. During the Legislative Process bills can substantially change. We suggest that you refer to the LAST version of text from the LAST approving chamber.

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  last update 06.16.17

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