TALHFA Membership Details

TALHFA has two member types, Issuer Members (HFCs & HFC Staff) and Affiliate Members (any member that is not an HFC). Each membership is active for a calendar year, January-December of the current year. We do not pro-rate memberships. 

Issuer Membership (HFC employees, HFC Board members or HFC staff): $345 per individual member for calendar year January-December
Each issuer member has voting rights in TALHFA.

Voting Affiliate Membership (Any member that is not HFC): $1625 for up to 5 members of the same organization. Additional members after 5, are $345 per individual. Each Voting Affiliate, designates ONE person from their organization to have voting rights. 

Non-Voting Affiliate Membership (Any member that is not HFC): $490 per individual member of the organization

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